Dear Photographer Friends,

I received e-mails, asking about my camera gear and how I handle traveling with not uncostly photo equipment in the world around.

Let’s start with the gear, the past years I shot only with my NIKON D7000 everywhere, which is a remarkable camera. This camera worked to me under very harsh environment without any complains, never failed, continually same picture quality. The NIKON D7000 was at true work horse to me, fast, robust, trustful and long-lasting.

But, more and more I´ve had sometimes the wish to capture interesting situations in lower-light and in higher ISO, by faster shutter-speed. And yes, the picture-cropping by 16MB max, was simply not sufficient enough for my need. OK, actually you do not need that so much, if you have enough light or a study place or tripod to shot from. If you do not publish or print out in bigger sizes, if you do not need the pictures for projector presentations and others like that.

But, that’s not often in my case happened in street photography, mainly I shoot out of driving cars on raff roads, or under difficulty light conditions, or both.

Well, now after long reading, researching and talking to other photographer friends I exerted now with a full-frame camera, a NIKON D750.

Whoa, let me tell you that: what a difference, especially in low light conditions, and for me very important for street photography, the crop-factor in picture post-handling by full-frame with 24MB is simply gorgeous!  

My current lenses:

NIKON – S FX 24-120mm f4

NIKON – S FX 50mm f 1,8

SIGMA 12-24mm F4,0 DG HSM, Wide-Angle in DX

NIKON AF-S DX 18-105mm/3,5-5,6G ED VR

NIKON AF S DX 55-200/4-5.6G ED

NIKON 2x Power-Flashes and others

The other thing many ask me, how do you travel with these expensive cameras around?

Well, never forget, keep low profile as a photographer, and do not show your camera in public if not necessary. Remove the advertisement tourist-belt (NIKON D750) around your neck, that’s made for someone who needs it…! Remove it and have a strong, professional arm or wrist-belt instead out of the bag, or a shoulder-belt.  

At all of my cameras, I took a permanent felt-marker and painted all the big letters simply black, I am using a silicon-case like: “Walimex Pro easyCover” works perfect around.

Essential is a very good, strong camera bag that does not look like a camera bag.

If I walk in streets around, I often carry an old-looking fabric bag with me, here is the camera quick-in and quick-out. Safe at my wrist-belt. In streets, especially for people-photography, I shoot in burst mode, means by around 5 pics/sec, ISO in automatic and only in aperture-mode, focus-centered.

For any further question, please feel free to contact me at any time,


NIKON D750 including lens 24-120mm f4
NIKON D750 including lens 24-120mm f4
NIKON D750 including the 500mm f1.8 lens for low light and portraits
NIKON D750 including the 500mm f1.8 lens for low light and portraits

My NIKON D7000 - (DX, 16MB, 2xSD-Cards)
My NIKON D7000 - (DX, 16MB, 2xSD-Cards)